Cultural expertise and know-how

Project plans, bids, concepts, strategies, funding applications and evaluations, European Capitals of Culture and anniversaries

Consultancy services in culture and events

Suvi Innilä has over 20 years’ versatile experience in cultural management, including two of Finland’s largest event entities: Turku European Capital of Culture 2011 and Finland 100.

Suvi began a new appointment as the managing director of Naantali Music Festival in November 2020. Therefore her company Creative Consulting will no longer be operating actively. However, please don’t hesitate to inquire possibilities for small-scale consultations in following areas:


Project plans, concepts and strategy processes related to culture and events.


Funding applications and bids.


Evaluation of project proposals, preparation of subsidy programmes and evaluation processes.


Consultation for European Capital of Culture bids, especially concerning the programme.


Planning and production support for anniversaries and other special years.


Lessons and presentations on the European Capitals of Culture and anniversaries.

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