• Suvi Innila (Valokuvaaja Anna Liukas)

Suvi Innilä – expert on culture and events

Turku European Capital of Culture 2011

Suvi Innilä started in 2004 as the Project Manager of Turku’s bid for becoming the European Capital of Culture in 2011. Turku won the nomination in 2006 in a competition between seven Finnish cities. Later Suvi became the Programme Director of Turku 2011 Foundation being responsible for the year-long cultural programme.

The ECOC programme consisted of nearly 170 projects and over 8000 events and activities. It was realised by 23 000 artists, producers and enthusiasts from Finland and 68 other countries. The events of Turku 2011 collected 2,2 milloin visits, and 85% of Finns were pleased with their experience. Read more about Turku 2011

Suvi’s experience of the European Capital of Culture process is exceptionally wide even at a European level, reaching from the bidding phase to the realisation and to the following years when she managed the Legacy of Turku 2011 project.

The Centenary of Finland’s Independence

In 2015-2018 Suvi Innilä was responsible for the programme of Finland’s centenary in 2017, working as the Programme Manager of Finland 100 in Prime Minister’s Office. Finland 100 programme became the largest programme entity ever realised in Finland, consisting of 5000 projects and 170 000 events and activities. Altogether 800 000 people from 100 countries and all continents participated in its preparation. As many as 93% of all Finns were pleased with the anniversary. Read more about Finland 100.


events and happenings in Turku 2011 programme


visits to the Turku 2011 events


events in Finland 100 programme


of Finns found the centenary celebrations
were a succes

Other background of Suvi Innilä

Suvi Innilä started a new appointment as the managing director of Naantali Music Festival in November 2020. Therefore her company Creative Consulting will not be operating actively in the future.

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